Before This Is Us introduced us to the Pearsons – the family that routinely reduces its viewers to great heaving sobs that drip into our Chardonnay – there were the Bravermans of Parenthood.

Headed by Zeek and Camille, the Braverman clan tackled the joys and sorrows of multigenerational family living – from business ventures to breast cancer, autism to infidelity.

The dialog was rich and funny, and I appreciated the depth of issues that the series took on.

Each episode was framed by scenes of the Bravermans gathered around their family table, outdoor beneath patio lights on a perfect California evening.

And dang, I wanted a table like that.

Whatever challenges they confronted, whatever conflicts arose, the Bravermans could always gather at the family table where they could be cheered, consoled, and strengthened by their people.

Until Zeek and Camille announced their decision to sell the family home.

They called it their Third Act – the point in their lives where they were ready to strip away the things that no longer served them, or were becoming too cumbersome to maintain.

Zeek and Camille stared directly into their waning years and prepared themselves to take steps toward whatever opportunities might lie ahead of them.

I think about launching this site and this blog as the beginning of my Third Act.

Act One, made up of my childhood years and adolescent angst shaped me for better or worse into who I am.

Act Two, which flew by all too quickly, allowed me the gifts of marriage and parenting two of the most remarkable human beings on Planet Earth.

And now, as Granny to The Royal Grands, I find myself valuing time over money and asking, “Why am I doing the things I’m doing? What is my purpose? And is this the best use of my time in this phase of my life?”

So I left a perfectly good job, working alongside some folks about whom I care deeply. And here I am, returning to a life of crafting my own words – and hoping to support others in finding their voice and pursing their passion.

I’ll have more to say about navigating life in Act Three in the days to come – including some notes on a soon-to-be-released book that delves into a number of these ideas.

But for now I’d like to hear from you. Which act best describes your life right now? And when you think about your Third Act, what would you like for it to be?

Please leave a comment below.

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